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What Makes Brunswick Crossing Great? Ask The Joys.

Posted by Kelly Jacobson on Feb 9, 2017 9:00:00 AM



Home is where the heart is...

Meet the Joys. Before they were a couple, Greg and Karen Joy grew up together in the same neighborhood.

"My mother went to kindergarten with one of his father's sisters," she said. "My brothers and his brothers were in the Boy Scouts together, but we weren't childhood sweethearts." 

After 34 years of being together, the couple desired less space after their two daughters moved out

Here's their story.

At the end of 2015, they began looking for a new home in Prince George's County. On a fateful trip to Deep Creek Lake, Karen saw an advertisement for Brunswick Crossing.

Greg's existing love for the area made the decision to look at the community easy. The couple originally visited to look at townhome models but fell in love with the Griffin Hall Villa after searching online. 

"The house set-up is exactly what we're looking for," he said. "What we found here, the size of the house and the way it lays out, was perfect for what we wanted."

She loves the first-floor owner's suite, while he enjoys the loft and extra upstairs room for privacy, making it the perfect design blend for the duo (with a reasonable price tag). With the help of Ryan Homes sales representative Jason, they moved in September 2016.

Aside from their gorgeous new home, the couple enjoys the community's "resort-style atmosphere" and neighborhood camaraderie.

"Everybody we've run into has been very friendly, very open," Greg said. "That was very welcoming. It seems like a community."

Karen agreed: "You just [drive] down the street, and people just wave. I like that. No one is afraid to say hi to you, and I think it's a culture this country has lost."

With Brunswick Crossing's convenient train commute to Washington, D.C. and kind neighbors, the couple plans to live in the Griffin Hall Villa "[until] the day we die."

"I can't imagine wanting to necessarily buy somewhere else," Greg said. 

Love, Ryan.

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