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How To Shorten The Search For A New Home

Posted by Kelly Jacobson on Jan 11, 2018 9:00:00 AM


In this day and age, everyone wants everything faster.

We have instant coffee, live streaming, and next-day shipping. We have apps that do our grocery shopping within hours, and voice-controlled virtual assistants that play our favorite music or pencil in meetings in seconds. Our inboxes automatically refresh every few minutes, and this is just the beginning.

With such speed in technology and other industries, why should buying a new home be any different? Why should it take any longer than you really want it to?

If you’re looking to live in your dream home as soon as possible, check out Ryan Homes at Brunswick Crossing’s ways to shorten the home search:

Make a list of priorities. Before you meet with a new homes sales consultant or research neighborhoods, pull together a list of must-haves. Do you need a first-floor bedroom? Do you need a two-car garage? Must you have a study or loft?

This list of important criteria for your new construction home will help narrow down the search immediately. If your dream home has dreamy hardwood flooring and floor-to-ceiling windows but not enough full baths for your family, move on.

This top-priority list makes it easier to stay focused and walk away from homes that don’t meet your needs. This is a must-do if you’re in a rush to buy a new home.

Find a knowledgeable sales consultant. Finding a new construction homes sales consultant who knows the neighborhood and each model’s floor plan is hugely helpful in your home search. Couple their existing knowledge of specific models with your preferences, and you’ve got a new, valuable partner in your home search.

Ask your questions right away. The homebuying process is a lot to handle, especially if you’re a first-time home buyer. Don’t feel guilty for peppering your new home sales consultant with questions, but ask sooner rather than later to expedite the process.

"When you fall in love with a home in a competitive market, you need to be prepared to sign the offer fast and submit it before the deadline," Adriana Mollica, a realtor in Beverly Hills, California, said in an interview with "There may be some questions you want to ask your lender...or accountant. If you wait until the offer to ask these questions, you may miss the deadline."

Trust your gut. When it comes to finding a new construction home, you have to consider a lot of factors. You have to think about everything from distance to your job and schools to price and location. This can cause you to compromise on a few wants and focus on the needs

However, what should you should always trust is your gut feeling. If you think a payment is out of your price range, trust your gut and ask your sales consultant for alternatives. You don’t want your mortgage to be a burden.

If you think a home’s location is a less-than-ideal or that it’s too large or too small, trust your instinct. This is one factor in home buying that should never be ignored or compromised on.

Enlist the help of your friends and family. It's easy to become overwhelmed with too many opinions and floor plan options, but ask a select group of friends and/or family to help you out.

They might come up with some communities you hadn't yet heard of. They might suggest one home builder over another based on personal experience. All of this could sway your decision and shorten the search time.

To shorten the search, download apps that instantly determine walkability, nearby amenities, and school districts. Live chat with new construction home sales consultants to answer your questions immediately, and click on the button below to download our checklist that details how you should prepare to buy a new home:

Click Here To Download Your Checklist

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