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Why Brunswick Crossing Was An Easy Decision For The Curetons

Posted by Kelly Jacobson on Feb 7, 2017 9:00:00 AM




Home is where the heart is...

Meet the Cureton family

Tyler, an Olney, Maryland, native met his wife Katie through a mutual friend a few years ago. The couple dated, got engaged, and married -- within 7 months. They moved to Brunswick Crossing after finding out that they were expecting a pink bundle of joy.

Here's their story.

Tyler and Katie lived in downtown Alexandria, Virginia, in a 2-bedroom apartment before starting the search for more space for their expanding family. 

For months, they looked for a new home in Frederick and Montgomery counties.

"I lived in Urbana [in a Ryan home in 2005]," he said. "So, I knew people that lived in Brunswick Crossing. We were looking for a new community. We wanted a new home." 

Avoiding fixer uppers, the couple visited Brunswick Crossing for the first time.

"I remember we went into the villas," he said. "We met [Ryan Homes sales consultant] Jason. He toured us around the [Griffin Hall] Villa, and he showed us some of the lots that were open at that time. We loved the house, and we loved this one particular lot."

Later that afternoon, the couple signed a contract for that particular open homesite with trees that they both loved. The Cureton family moved into the community in August 2016.

"We took a stroll before we actually signed," Tyler said. "My wife and I are big runners, so the fact that it's close to the Potomac and close to Harpers Ferry [made a difference]. It was just awesome."

Aside from the proximity to outdoorsy activities, the couple enjoys Brunswick Crossing's atmosphere, clubhouse, and brand-new pool. They also appreciate Ryan Homes committment to customer service.

"We have a service manager that handles any issues with the house afterward," he said. "That's been a really positive experience that we had that continuity of someone to help us after we paid.

"You can't find this in any other community, at least not like this. It was an easy choice."

Love, Ryan.

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