5:52 AM

Rise with the Sun.

The kids are asleep. The coffee is hot. The house is calm. This is your time. 

7:30 AM


Early morning yoga at the Community Center gets you energized for the day ahead. 

8:45 AM

The Wheels on the Bus.

You’ve made a promise to each other—both of you will walk the kids to the bus. Every day. Here, keeping that promise is easy. 

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11:34 PM

Time to Get Stuff Done.

A two-minute drive to Weis. Pull those organic veggies from your garden. Laps at the pool. Dinner. More exercise. Check. 

4:46 PM

Unleash Your Hubbie and Kids.

While your clan heads out to burn some energy at the pool’s Interactive Splash Zone , you take an hour to browse a few shops at The Marketplace. 

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6:00 PM

Relaxing Prep Time.

You’re relaxed. The house is quiet again. Dinner is ready to roll as your crew bounds into the house ready to eat. 

8:00 PM

Exhausted and Happy.

Your kids are toast. They don’t fight going to sleep. Happy, sun kissed faces drift off as you head downstairs. 

8:45 PM

Together, Again.

Now, time for a glass of wine on the deck with your best friend.